Missions and Missionaries

Missions is central to FBC. At least 10% of our budget is devoted to support missionaries who are taking the gospel to the nations (Matt.28:18-20; 1 Pet. 2:9-10). Not only do we send missionaries overseas, but we also send teams from our church on short-term mission’s trips as well. Additionally, as part of the SBC we are also in support of the IMB.

Preparing Christian leaders for ministry through theological education, discipleship and mentoring

Meet our missionaries:

Mark & Jill Cable (Location:  Romania)

Mark and Jill Cable along with their son, Daniel, have been serving in Romania as missionaries for 17 years. They work in training Romanians for ministry, part-time assistant pastoring and evangelism.  Mark teaches at the Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest as well as at Betania Bible College in city of Sibiu.  He also serves in a part-time capacity as an assistant pastor in a local church in the small town of Orastie.  Jill serves as the missionary team’s treasurer and secretary, and also serves the local missionary community in Sibiu in various medical matters and other service projects.  In addition, she works with some young women who have grown up in orphanages.  Daniel just finished his first year at Cedarville University in Ohio. In Romania he was involved in worship and leadership with the youth at Betania church in Sibiu.  Some summers the Cable’s host short-term mission teams from churches in the States.  Mark also works as the field leader for their mission organization – WorldVenture in Romania.

Primary Ministry:
Preparing Christian leaders for ministry through theological education, discipleship and mentoring.

Prayer Needs:
Pray that the Lord will give our students clear direction for future ministry after graduation and opportunities for practical ministry experience with mentors to supplement their academic studies. Pray that the Cables could communicate a clear vision for discipleship in the church.

Major Challenges:
Balancing the various demands and difficulties of ministry, bureaucracy and life in a former communist country.

The People:
Primarily a mix of college-aged and middle-aged Romanians from locations throughout Romania who are seeking theological education and ministry training to be better equipped to serve the church.

Read more about the Cables and their ministry and contact them through World Venture's website.



Mark & Lisa Deneui (Location: Belgium)

Mark and Lisa were appointed with WorldVenture in 1991 as church planters to Belgium, a country with very few believers and churches. With teamwork and God’s grace, they planted a church in western Brussels. As the church became more established, Mark began training church leaders at the Belgian Bible Institute. Currently Mark and Lisa are ministering at a French church in Scotland.


Primary Ministry :
Mark is a New Testament teacher who trains church leaders in French-speaking Europe. Lisa is a French teacher for missionary kids at Black Forest Academy as well as participating in prayer ministry and evangelism at their local French church.

Prayer Needs:
Pray that God would raise up church leaders in Europe committed to his Word and his work, and pray for a breakthrough of the gospel in spiritually oppressed places.

Major Challenges:
--Inspiring church leaders with a passion for the Word and a passion for the world.
--Guiding the DeNeuis' children through high school and college to a life lived fully for Jesus.
-Seeing the French people come to faith and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The People:
Mark teaches French-speaking church leaders seeking biblical and practical training to further their ministry. Mark and Lisa serve the local French believers through French church ministry and outreach. Lisa enjoys serving the wider missions community through her teaching at Black Forest Academy.

Read more about the DeNeui's through World Venture. 


Ken & Lori Wallace (Location:  Metro Los Angeles Area)


Ken and Lori are missionaries through Missions Door. As the Regional Ministry Specialist for Southern California, Ken is responsible for the care and oversight of current Missions Door missionaries. He is also responsible for developing and recruiting future church planters to plant relevant, ethnically-diverse churches among the disenfranchised people groups of the larger Metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Read about the Wallace’s through Missions Door.


Duane & Janet Abuhl (Location:  Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean)


Duane and Janet Abuhl are serving with Training Beyond Borders, a missions organization they started out of Fellowship Baptist Church. They are missionaries in the country of Vanuatu, which is made up of 83 islands in the South Pacific. Where they serve is remote, their modes of transportation include a 4×4 Toyota truck, a 20 ft. fiberglass boat, and small twin engine 8-15 passenger planes to reach these islands. The climate is tropical with the average temperature being 90 degrees with 90% humidity. Since 2003, the Abuhls have been ministering in the northern islands of Vanuatu in the areas of evangelism, preaching, making disciples, and equipping nationals on various islands to carry on the ministry themselves.

In 2004, they were able to start a local church in the town of Luganville, which now has a membership of more than 35 and is led by their own national pastor. In recent months, a third local church has been started on the remote island of Mota Lava. There is a great need for the ni-Vanuatu people to understand the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for them and to have a personal walk with Him. In 2008, in partnership with the ni-Vanuatu people, Duane and Janet built a Bible-Training Center on the island of Ambae to foster spiritual growth among the indigenous people. Several teaching sessions have already been held. Another Training Center has just been completed for the northern Banks Islands also part of Vanuatu. Men and women who have no formal Bible training are learning the foundations in the Word of God.

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